“Bedtime Procrastination” in the media

With the publication of Bedtime Procrastination: Introducing a New Area of Procrastination in Frontiers in Psychology, our project has now officially established the concept of “bedtime procrastination” (and the empirical support for it being a robust phenomenon). Further support appears in another article (also with Floor Kroese as lead author) that will appear soon in the Journal of Health Psychology.

There was quite a bit of attention in a wide range of media, from the New Yorker to FOX News! Here’s some of the links to online publications:

What Keeps You Up at Night,” in The New Yorker

Face It, You’re a Bedtime Procrastinator,” in Time

‘Bedtime procrastination’: the ‘modern phenomenon’ causing sleep deprivation, in The Independent

"A lot of people seem to confuse insomnia with ‘bedtime procrastination’, FOX News, New York

Great to see all the attention!