Scaffolding Intentions Research Group
From left to right: Marcus Düwell, Joel Anderson, Annemarie Kalis, Bart Kamphorst, Denise de Ridder, Floor Kroese, Catharine Evers, Marieke Adriaanse, and Sanne Nauts.

Collaborating Researchers

Prof. M. Bratman
Dept. of Philosophy, Stanford University
Action theory, especially the role of plans, intentions, policies in autonomy and agency

Dr. Virginia Dignum
Faculty Technology, Policy & Management, Delft Univ.
Artificial intelligence; interaction between people and intelligent systems

Prof. Peter Gollwitzer
Dept. of Psychology, NYU & U. Konstanz
Established the concept of implementation intentions; psychology of self-regulation

Dr. W.F.G. (Pim) Haselager
Dept. of AI, Donders Institute, Radboud U.
Theories of embedded, situated cognition; nature of automaticity in humans and artificial agents

Prof. Al Mele
Dept. of Philosophy, Florida State University
Philosophical theories of will, weakness of will; role of intentions in causing behavior; irrationallity

Prof. Timothy Pychyl
Dept. of Psychology, Carleton U. (Canada)
Research on procrastination; goal pursuit; personal projects analysis; host of iProcrastinate podcasts.